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Innovative Cost Solutions
Matt Littlefield

Innovative Cost Solutions is a leading waste management consulting company that helps healthcare facilities across the country reduce their Medical Waste as well as their Solid Waste and Recycling costs. We’re now working with 40 CHC’s throughout the country and we’re saving them an average of 57% on medical waste alone!

We are a waste consulting company not a waste removal company. We don’t own any trucks and we don’t pick up your waste. We help healthcare facilities utilize their existing waste removal companies more efficiently making sure that they are not spending any more than they have to on all of their waste removal services.

Waste removal costs are often one of the most overlooked line items in your budget. Approximately 90% of all companies are overspending on their waste removal costs. We can make sure that you’re not one of them.

Here are some benefits to working with ICS:

We typically save our healthcare clients about 35% on average, 57% on medical waste alone!
We’ll manage all of your waste removal services so that you don’t have to including your Trash, Recycling, Medical Waste, and Shredding services.
This is all that we do. We’re experts in the waste industry so put our expertise to work and put some money back into your budget.

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