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At CPG, we want you to get the most from being a member
Learn about being a vendor


About Us

We are a Group Purchasing Organization helping community health centers and nonprofit organizations streamline costs and boost efficiency.

With no cost membership, our discounted vendor contracts save CommonWealth Purchasing Group members over $40 million a year.

Purchase with

our national and regional contracts ensure highly competitive pricing

Save your
organization money

up to 35% on supplies, equipment and general services

Receive cohesive
data reporting

all CPG members receive an annual report showcasing their savings through our program

Industry Insights

stay up to speed with webinars, podcasts, and more

We have the answers to your most pressing questions

How many contracts do I need to use to become a member of CPG?

As a CPG member, you can use one or as many contracts as you’d like. The more contracts you use, the more you’ll save. We’ll solicit quotes and negotiate prices for you at your request.

  • What amount of savings can I expect from the CPG program?

    Your savings will likely depend on your organization’s unique circumstances since costs vary between health centers. However, new members typically expect savings between 18% and 20%.

  • How will these savings affect my bottom line?

    Community health centers and nonprofits spend between 9% and 10% of their budget on supplies. Therefore, 18% to 20% savings will yield a bottom-line impact between 1.5% and 2% on your organization’s overall budget.

  • Do I need to change vendors?

    Often we can save you money by sticking with your existing vendors—nothing on your end changes. We’re able to save you money, and you keep your current vendor relationship.

  • It's often difficult to change vendors. How can CPG help us with that?

    We select high-quality, reliable vendors to ensure a seamless transition. Vendor representatives will meet with your team to discuss every aspect of the vendor-member relationship, from ordering and delivery to payment terms and return policies.

  • What are my purchasing volume commitments?

    We impose no commitments or minimums.

  • What makes CPG different than other GPOs?

    Our knowledge and expertise in community health centers and nonprofits means we’re well-equipped to deliver the products and services our members need most. Our vendors work with each member to drive prices down, so you’ll enjoy uniquely tailored customer support.

  • How do group purchasing programs save organizations money?

    We negotiate deep price discounts with our vendors—the purchasing power of CPG’s membership gives us serious leverage. Secondly, we analyze each member’s purchasing to recommend discounts wherever possible. Lastly, our vendors work closely with your organization to ensure proper inventory management, so you’ve got what you need when you need it without over-ordering.

  • How do I know that your contracts will save me money?

    We negotiate deep discounts with our vendors based on the combined purchasing power of CPG members. We’ll analyze your purchasing and recommend lower-cost alternatives wherever possible.


"I saved $100,000 on medical supplies in one year through CommonWealth's deep discounts and McKesson's Inventory Management Service."
CEO, Piedmont Health Services
"CommonWealth was quickly able to save us 11% on our office supplies and substantially lower our rate for over the phone interpreter services. They have been great to work with over the last 2 years."
CFO, St. Thomas Community Health Center
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Enabling simple, secure telehealth with Doximity Dialer

Doximity Dialer is completely free through CPG

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