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Hilb Group

The Hilb Group is a national brokerage and consulting firm providing employee benefits and risk management consulting to CPG members. They recently acquired Group Brokerage Insurance and Dowling & O’Neil—both community health center-focused operations.

The Hilb Group’s Employee Benefits operation focuses on cost-containment, compliance and communication while helping to lower claim costs and ultimately drive lower premiums. They also offer COBRA administration, cloud-based benefit administration and enrollment systems, and comprehensive compliance support with an in-house benefits attorney and access to HR help desk and research tools.

The Hilb Group’s Risk Management operation offers CPG members an exclusive Gap Medical Malpractice insurance product to protect your health center from claims when the FTCA denies them. Their portfolio of products includes privacy (cyber) liability, property and business interruption, executive liability, and workers compensation.

  • For all Gap Medical Malpractice and other Property & Casualty questions, contact Kelly Bolton at (508) 957-4247 or
  • For all Health and other welfare benefit related questions, contact Tom Connors at (978) 760-0908 or
  • Contact Rose Brown of CNA Insurance on behalf of  Dowling and O’Neil Insurance at for information on CNA Healthcare Risk Control.

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