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CPG and Doximity Frequently Asked Questions

We have the answers to your most pressing questions about the CPG and Doximity partnership.


How much does it cost?

CPG is providing its members with free access to Doximity Dialer through November 2022. We are working on securing funding so that we can continue to provide free access to Doximity Dialer to members beyond November 2022.

We already have another telehealth solution, why would we need Doximity Dialer?

  • Doximity Dialer is completely free through CPG.
  • Doximity Dialer is as easy as a phone call for patients, with no downloads or logins required to access their visit.
  • Doximity Dialer is also easy for providers, enabling clinicians to voice or video call their patients in real-time, from any device, while keeping their personal contact information secure.
  • Doximity Dialer is built to support your existing clinical workflows with features like add interpreter, group calling, wall charts and screen sharing, and more.
  • In addition to enabling clinicians to conduct video telehealth visits, Doximity Dialer offers a number of other features to help clinicians connect with patients, including:
    • Secure, no-reply texting
    • Call shielding – clinicians can shield their private number and make it look like their call is coming from the office or clinic line.

What is included through CPG?

  • Doximity Dialer access for your entire team, with no user, usage, or visit duration limits.
  • User training resources, including a recorded training video, a comprehensive user support site, and Doximity’s Dialer Enterprise Resources for Partners user training page.
  • Access to Doximity’s priority user support team, available by both phone and email for direct user support.

What if I need access to services that are not available through CPG, such as reporting, Enterprise customizations, or EMR integrations?

A separate supplemental package is available through Doximity. Please reach out to for more information.

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