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The CommonWealth Consultants Bureau

designed to empower Community Health Centers and other non-profits with critical services.



About Our Consultants

Community Health Centers and non-profit organizations play a vital role in delivering essential services to underserved communities. However, limited financial resources often hinder their ability to access specialized expertise in critical operational and administrative areas. The Consultant’s Bureau is an innovative solution to address these challenges by offering affordable access to a pool of skilled consultants.

Join Our Team of Respected Consultants

At CPG, we welcome proposals from interested Consultants. Our selection process includes a thorough review and interview process. This way, we can ensure that each vendor is prepared to deliver the highest level of customer service alongside measurable discounts on group contract prices.


Are vendors ever removed from the CPG Vendor Contracts Portfolio?

Vendors are removed from the CPG portfolio at the close of the contractual period if we’ve witnessed an insufficient level of purchasing activity—or if other member-related issues arise.

Are vendors required to supply management and usage reports to CPG members?

At CPG, we prefer vendors who, rather than providing reports, can demonstrate their value to our membership by providing purchasing assistance, assisting in materials management processes, and optimize cost-savings by suggesting lower-cost alternatives during the ordering processes.

Besides a competitive price, does CPG expect anything else from the vendor?

Every vendor is expected to offer competitive pricing alongside exemplary customer service. At CPG, we also request monthly sales reports.

How much does it cost to be a CPG-affiliated vendor?

As a CPG vendor, there’s no set dollar amount owed. Instead, CPG collects a percentage of each member’s vendor purchases, paid by the vendor on a monthly or quarterly basis. This Administrative Fee accounts for necessary marketing and administrative services.

How often is each contract renewed?

Most CPG contracts are set for one year, with the option to renew for one additional year.

Is web-based purchasing mandatory?

Although not mandatory, CPG feels that web-based purchasing facilitates efficiency and helps to contain costs for our valued membership.

Are vendor contracts voluntary, or are they committed contracts by members?

All vendor contracts are voluntary.

How can a vendor become a part of CommonWealth Purchasing Group?

Often, our members make vendor recommendations based on their evolving contractual needs. From time to time, we add new vendors who offer additional value to our membership, and vendors are invited to contact CPG with proposals at any time.

If not committed, how many vendors do you have for each product category?

In almost every case, we have only one vendor per category—unless CPG requires more than one to provide satisfactory member services on a national basis.


Each year CPG attends and exhibits at dozens of annual state primary care association meetings, national community health center conferences, and other regional and national organization conferences.

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