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Virtual Medical Staff
Tommy Binner

Virtual Medical Staff (Virtual Med) is a full-service telemedicine company focused on providing psychiatry and neurology care to health centers across the United States. As part of the Jackson Healthcare family of companies, Virtual Med combines physicians access, management and telemedicine expertise to provide clients with an inclusive telemedicine solution.

Additional Information

Virtual Med takes the time to learn about your health center by meeting with your leadership to build a profile for the perfect telemedicine provider. After gathering information, Virtual Med recruits a high-quality group of physicians, based on volume and customer preference. By using committed and scheduled physicians, both onsite clinicians and patients build a high level of comfort with the virtual physician.

Virtual Med physicians serve 3,000+ patients per month through a wide variety of settings of care utilizing telemedicine. Telepsychiatry and teleneurology providers can be physically located anywhere in the United States, and with each state's appropriate licenses, they can see your patients.