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Virginia’s underserved communities and community health workers

In Virginia, several groups are recognizing the important role that CHWs play in improving community health. These groups are using various platforms to highlight the efforts of CHWs and to increase awareness about the value of their work.

Community health workers are amazing at what they do. They connect individuals, they provide supporting relationships,” said Shanteny Jackson, Executive Director of the Virginia Community Health Workers Association.

Their website states “Virginia Community Health Workers Association VACHWA) is a space for community health workers (inclusive of all titles) to network and grow personally and professionally through education and advocacy.” Their mission and vision are quite clear. Through advocacy and education, VCHWA is making the lives of CHWs healthier and happier when it’s needed most. This helps the lives of the community and health workers alike.

“Community Health Workers are improving health outcomes and reducing health inequities by working with our communities and helping members one-on-one take charge of their health and navigate resources to help them thrive,” said IPHI president and CEO Michael E. Rhein.


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