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Senator proposes major changes for CHC organizations nationwide

In February 2023, VT Senator Bernie Sanders proposed major changes for community healthcare centers nationwide.  

“We must expand these programs so that every American has the ability to access the primary health care, dental care, mental health counseling, and low-cost prescription drugs that they desperately need,” Sanders said, citing many of the benefits of community health centers to taxpayers and patients. 

He went on to state the cost savings both Medicare and Medicaid patients would have when they utilize a CHC for their care. He also proposed plans to expand funding for The National Health Service Corps (NHSC), which is a program that was created to help address the shortage of healthcare providers in underserved areas of the United States. 

Expanding the program, not only would it help to ensure that underserved communities have access to high-quality healthcare services, but it would also help to attract and retain healthcare professionals in these areas. 


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