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Pharmacy Technicians With Community Health Worker Training Can Improve the Value of The Pharmacy in Health Care

Community health workers can address issues of health equity to enhance the services of the pharmacy and support a value-based care model.

Community health workers (CHW) can add value to the pharmacy by addressing social determinants of health (SDOH) within their community, according to John (Jake) A. Galdo, PharmD, MBA, BCPS, BCGP, co-founder and chief executive officer, Seguridad, Inc, and CPESN Health Equity; and Christian Tadrus, RPh, PharmD, FASCP, NSC, Sam’s Health Mart Pharmacies; who spoke during a session titled Communicate, Assimilate, and Facilitate: Pharmacy Technician and Community Health Worker Roles Collide, at McKesson ideaShare 2023.

“The bigger picture is that our wellbeing, our health, only 20% of that is derived from the medications we take and the access to care that we have,” Galdo said in the session. “Eighty percent of our health and well-being is related to our physical environment, our social factors, and our behavioral factors.”

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Article credit: Erin Hunter, Assistant Editor |