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CPG Interviews LanguageLine

1. Can you tell us a little about your company?

LanguageLine Solutions® – a CPG partner – enables healthcare organizations to communicate with their patients in more than 240 languages. Our service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week so that we can assist at your moment of need.

LanguageLine is the global leader in innovative language access solutions for healthcare. Our solutions include interpretation delivered by over 20,000 LanguageLine Certified interpreters; on-time translation and localization of all vital documents; and testing and training of bilingual staff and in-house interpreters.


2. Why should a CHC partner with an organization like yours?

CPG member partnership with LanguageLine is built on quality and efficiency. We have assembled a team of the world’s very best linguists who facilitate culturally appropriate, mutual understanding. Each of our linguists must meet the stringent requirements needed to become LanguageLine Certified™.

Our solutions feature:

· 20,000+ LanguageLine Certified™ Interpreters

· Lean Six Sigma Work Force Management processes

· Secure Best-in-Class Olympus® Digital Platform


Benefits to CPG members include:

· Ensure quality and minimize call length

· Maintain compliance

· Support better health outcomes

· Around the clock support


3. What are the average savings a CHC can see with your organization?

LanguageLine offers preferred member pricing for CPG members across our suite of services. On average our calls are 10-15% shorter saving both time and money for the CHC.  In addition, we have the fastest connection times in the industry, again, minimizing unproductive time and saving money.


4. Is there anything your company looks forward to in 2023 that CHCs should know about?

These are exciting times at LanguageLine as we continue to explore and develop technical solutions and enhancements that drive efficiencies for our clients. This work is not limited to the interpretation session proper, but the workflows that happen just before and after the session as well.

EHR/Epic Integration

We are happy to say that we are in Epic’s Connection Hub and are able to integrate utilizing SMART on FHIR technology. This is an open API and standard for integrating with EHRs.

  • The integration is all about efficient workflows. Once integrated our clients are able to:
  • Conveniently connect to an audio or video interpreter without ever leaving Epic.
  • Automatically connect to an interpreter that speaks the language indicated on the patient’s medical record.
  • Receive securely encrypted data from Epic to LanguageLine. Now the provider can go straight to their clinical assessment without slowing down for data collection.
  • At the conclusion of the interpretation session, post-session data is sent back to Epic to support accurate reporting, compliance audits, and reimbursement opportunities.

SIP for Telehealth

Connect in seconds to LanguageLine’s network of 20,000+ interpreters within the platform at any point during a telehealth session.

Translation Technology

LanguageLine’s Hybrid Translation (Machine Translation + Human Post-Edit) enables healthcare organizations to take advantage of best-in-class automation.


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