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As an employee of a member organization, you get exclusive access to savings and perks from our participating vendors.

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AT&T is recognized as one of the leading worldwide providers of wireless and IP-based communications services to consumers and businesses of all sizes.
25% Employee Discount
Click here to access employee discount

  1. Enter 8 digit FAN: 04884522
  2. Click "Register for Discounts"
  3. Enter your work email address and cell phone number, click continue
  4. Enter last 4 digits of SSN and billing zip code from your account for verification, click continue
  5. Check the box "I am a qualified employee..." click continue
  6. You’ll see confirmation on screen plus you’ll receive a confirmation email that you’ve been successfully enrolled for the discount

Verizon Wireless is a global leader in delivering wireless communications services to consumer, business, and other organizational customers.  Employees must have employer complete Letter of Commitment (LOC) before accessing discount. Contact marketing@cwpurchasing.com to check if your organization has already submitted an LOC.

19%-22% Employee Discount 

Up to 25% off Accessories 

Click here to access LOC
Click here to access employee discount

For assistance please feel free to call or email:

T: 617-988-2205
E: marketing@cwpurchasing.com

NPC Connection– CommonWealth Purchasing Group has partnered with PC Connection to extend special pricing to its employees. PC Connection offers a broad selection of brand name products, in conjunction with award-winning service and support. In addition to desktops and notebooks, printers, monitors and software, PC Connection also offers digital cameras and camcorders, LCD and plasma displays, video games, iPods, iPads and more.

For employees: to begin shopping and receive the corporate discount, follow the link below and select "First Time User" to create an account.

Purchases may be made either with a store purchasing card or through an online account. Discount is good on office supplies, break-room essentials and toner.

Contact  Ashley Stuhr  at fax: 817-900-8549 or ashley.stuhr@officedepot.com  to set up online purchasing. Include your name and contact information, including email address. Be sure to include your employer’s name and address.

How to make purchases online:
Register for an online account  here
Under New User, Create a New User Profile w/ username and password
Contracted prices will be available at  www.business.officedepot.com 
Free shipping on orders over $50.
To find a nearest Office Depot visit  www.officedepot.com

Initiation Fees and Annual Fees:
FREE To Join: (Typically $35.00)
$35.00/Year Annual Dues: (Typically $70.00 50% savings) Discounted Pricing:

Average Savings of 10-20% (on almost every car in the fleet) Monday through Friday with an exclusive $69 7AM-7PM rate. 

Getting Signed Up:

  1. To sign up with your very own personal or business zipcar membership through the CPG discount  click here .
  2. Create a username & password
  3. From there, follow the directions in providing your license number, and personal credit card information.  (This account is under your name and credit card...you are only under our pricing plan we have set up)

Once you are approved – it typically takes 12-24 hours – you can pick your "zipcard" up at a Zipcar office: To find Zipcar office locations click here . For assistance please feel free to call or email:
Scott Halterman
Assistant Director
T: 617-988-2276
E:  shalterman@cwpurchasing.com  

CommonWealth Purchasing Group and Digital Benefit Advisors have partnered with pet insurance carriers to give you and your employees a special discount on personal pet insurance.

Pet insurance helps pay for your pet's unexpected veterinary care. 
As pet parents, we want to provide our dogs and cats with the best possible care, no matter what. But when accidents and illnesses come up unexpectedly, the costs can quickly run in to the hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars. 

Pet medical insurance helps you pay your unexpected veterinary bills, so if your pet has an accident or becomes ill, you’ve got help covering the costs. With Petplan on your side, you can follow your veterinarian’s recommended course of treatment knowing that your pet health insurance will help provide you with financial peace of mind.

To access discount, follow steps below:

1. Visit  http://www.petplanbenefits.com

2. type in "CommonWealth Purchasing" or  click here to directly access "Welcome" page

3. or call 1-800-809-9200 and mention "CommonWealth Purchasing Group discount"

*Note: The discount is incorporated into their pricing on the website. Discount is 10%.

For assistance, please call:  (866) 354-1327

Special offer for CommonWealth Purchasing Group members AND their employees! If paying back your student loans is a challenge, here’s a smart solution for reducing your debt - the Citizens Bank Education Refinance Loan®. Our loan could help you consolidate one or more private or federal student loans into a single low-interest rate student loan along with a  $500 reduction to your principal balance at the time of your first payment.  That means more money in your pockets to save for a home, a new car or a trip — and a simpler way to manage your personal finances.


• No application, origination or disbursement fees

Interest Rates

• Variable Rate as low as 2.13% APR
• Fixed Interest Rate as low as 3.74% APR
• Interest rates include all discounts

Ways to Save

• Approved borrowers will receive a $500 reduction to their principal balance at the time of their first payment
• Choosing the shortest repayment period or making larger than scheduled monthly payments (whenever possible) willultimately mean that you repay less
• Save up to 0.50 percentage points off the interest rate with:
• Loyalty Discount: Existing bank customers (borrower or co-signer) receive an immediate 0.25 percentage point interest rate reduction
• Automatic Payment Discount: Borrowers receive a 0.25 percentage point interest rate reduction during repayment by authorizing our loanservicer to automatically deduct the monthly payment each month from any bank account designated


• Increase monthly cash flow by lowering the monthly payment over an extended period of time• One convenient monthly payment for your student loans, both federal and private
• Refinance a variable interest rate into a fixed interest rate loan
• Potentially lower the interest rate

Loan Limits

• Minimum: $10,000
• Generous aggregate student loan refinance borrowing limits:
• Up to $90,000 (bachelor’s degree or below)• Up to $225,000 (graduate or doctoral degree, including MBA)
• Up to $300,000 (professional degree: dental, law or medical degree)


• Payments of principal and interest begin immediately, and choice of repayment term that best suits your needs

For more information: visit our website here.

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with MemberDeals. Now you’ll have access to exclusive discounts, special offers and access to preferred seating and tickets to top attractions, theme parks, shows, sporting events, movie tickets, hotels and much more. Be sure to visit often as new products and discounts are constantly being added!

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