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  1. How can a vendor become a part of CommonWealth Purchasing Group?
    Typically our members make recommendations to CPG on what types of new contracts they need and can be used by all CPG members on a national basis. From time to time CPG adds new vendors that offer additional value. Vendors may contact CPG with proposals.
  2. Are the vendor contracts voluntary or a committed contract by the member?
    If not committed, how many vendors do you have for each product category?
    All of our vendor contracts are non-committed and in mostly all cases we have only one vendor per category unless it requires more than one to service our members on a national basis.
  3. What must a vendor pay to be a part of the CPG program?
    There is no set dollar amount but a % of each member’s purchases are paid to CPG by the vendor on a quarterly basis as an Administrative Fee for the marketing and administrative services provided.
  4. How often is each contract renewed?
    Most new contracts are for one year with an option to renew for an additional year.
  5. Besides a competitive price are there any other expectations by CPG for the vendor?
    Each vendor is expected to offer CPG’s members lower pricing than what they could obtain on their own. Each vendor is expected to offer CPG’s members extraordinary customer service. Each vendor additionally needs to provide CPG with monthly sales reports.
  6. Is web based purchasing mandatory?
    Although not mandatory, it is a major, efficiency and cost containment consideration for the member when selecting a vendor contract.
  7. Is the availability of management and usage reports to the member a requirement of the vendor?
    CPG prefers a vendor that can demonstrate their value to the member by providing assistance for improved purchasing and materials management processes such as setting par levels, product standardization, product distribution, suggested lower cost alternatives during the ordering process and optimized frequency of ordering with a web based system.
  8. Are vendors ever removed from the CPG Vendor Contracts Portfolio?
    Vendor contracts are removed from the portfolio at the end of a contract period if there has been insufficient or lack of purchasing activity, or other member related issues arise.
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