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CommonWealth Purchasing Group (CPG) is the leading group purchasing organization for community health centers and other community-based, not-for-profit organizations. Founded in 1998 by the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers —the Primary Care Association for the state— CPG today has more than 450 members in 35 states. Beginning with a single contract, CPG now provides members with access to over 50 vendors, with deep price discounts and the highest level of customer service. Total purchasing, which was $239,000 in the first full year of operation, reached $82,000,000 in FY 2014.

This remarkable growth is strong evidence of the value of the CPG program to our members. CPG was developed by community health center people to meet the needs of health centers and similar not-for-profit organizations. CPG is designed to work well in a wide variety of CHC environments, from single-site organizations to the largest multi-site systems. There are several features of the CPG program that make us the best choice for your organization:
  • Organization. CPG is an independent group purchasing organization. We do not endorse a remote "parent" GPO; we contract directly with each of our vendors. For our members this means we establish and maintain every aspect of our program, from vendor selection to program performance and impact.
  • Focus. CPG is focused on serving community health centers and similar not-for-profit human service organizations. All of our policies and procedures are carefully designed to be effective in this environment. CPG was created to help our members save money and improve services.
  • Advisory Board. CPG has a national Advisory Board to oversee and guide the program. The Advisory Board —made up of senior staff from our members, including CEOs, CFOs, and COOs—meets quarterly to provide strategic advice, feedback on program performance and impact, ideas about additional product sectors and potential new vendors, and other similar issues.
  • Vendors. CPG contracts with high-performing vendors in product areas where our members make the majority of their purchases. Most of our vendors are leading national companies; we also offer a limited number of regional contracts to meet specific needs. CPG regularly reviews vendor contracts to assure competitive pricing and high levels of vendor services.
  • Member Service. CPG provides continuing service to its members, addressing member needs, products, purchasing practices and systems, and staff education. Because of our direct contract relationship with all CPG vendors, our staff has access to senior managers to resolve problems and develop creative solutions to members’ needs.
  • Cost. There is no cost to join CPG and our members never write us a check. All of our funding comes from administrative fees paid by our vendors. These fees are based on member purchases and are clearly explained in our Participation Agreement.
  • Flexibility. CPG members use only the vendors that are best suited to meet their needs. There are no minimum purchase or contract-usage requirements.
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