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Members join CommonWealth Purchasing Group to save money. That is our main goal —to help our members reduce operating expenses and provide additional funds for services to patients and the community. Every health center is different, and CPG savings vary among our members, but it is important to understand how CPG can help you save money and what you can expect from your participation.

There are three ways CPG can help you save money: First by offering lower prices for the goods and services you buy, second by offering lower-cost alternative products wherever that is possible and third by making your inventory and ordering systems more efficient. So if you are currently paying $15.00 for a box of name-brand pens and CPG discounted pricing for the same pens are $12.50/box you’ll save $2.50. If there is a lower-cost alternative (usually a generic or house-brand) at $10.00/box you’ll save another $2.50. And if improved purchasing systems can reduce staff time, inventory coats, and other expenses you’ll save even more.

How much each CPG member will save depends on several factors: How many CPG contracts are used, pricing from your current vendors, products being ordered and the availability of lower-cost alternatives, use of CPG-vendor inventory and ordering management systems, and others. Specific savings for your health center are estimated, based on the free "Apples-to-Apples" analyses described in the section below. To give you an idea of how your organization might benefit from CPG membership, average member savings from several of our major vendors are listed below.

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The percentage savings below are real savings that our members are able to receive compared to your current prices. These savings help hundreds of organizations save thousands of dollars a year!

24% Average Savings—Arcari Dental Laboratory, Inc.

10% Average Savings—Henry Schein Dental, Inc.

20% Average Savings—McKesson Medical Group

32% Average Savings—McKesson Drug Co.

15% Average Savings—M. D. Stetson Company, Inc.

25% Average Savings—National Telecom Services & Systems

19% Average Savings—Office Depot | Business Services

12% Average Savings—PC Connection Sales Corp

15% Average Savings—TechDepot

22% Average Savings—Group Brokerage Insurance

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If you are looking to save money on the supplies, equipment and services your organization are currently using, and would like to see the exact savings that would be realized by using our vendors, we are happy to perform a cost analysis comparing your vendor to one of our vendor contracts we have in our portfolio. Click here to see how to have an analysis completed.
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