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Before you join CommonWealth Purchasing Group and commit to a program of saving money for your organization, you need an estimate of the results you can expect. Because every health center is different, your estimate should be on your experience and current costs. CPG offers a no-cost, no-obligation "Apples-to-Apples" comparison to give you the best possible estimate of what our program can deliver to your organization.

To develop your estimate we take a representative sample of your most recent invoices and with our vendors conduct a two-part analysis. [Note: A "representative sample" should be broad enough to include all of the products you routinely use to serve your patients and run your business. Typically, this is about one month of invoices; somewhat more for smaller centers, and perhaps a little less for very large organizations.] We use invoices because they contain important information, including the Stock Keeping Unit (the "SKU" is the bar code information found on nearly every product from groceries to syringes which uniquely identifies the product, manufacturer, and packaging) and the quantities you are using, both of which are essential for an accurate comparison.

The first part of the analysis compares your current prices with our CPG discounted pricing. This is a precise, "apples-to-apples" comparison; if we are unable to identify any item on your invoice (the great majority of products have a universal SKU, but with some specialty items or house brands it is sometimes not possible to identify an exact match) we leave that item out of the analysis and note the omission. This will give you a simple, three-part comparison: (1) Here are the products you are currently buying and using, (2) Here is what you are currently paying, (3) Here is what you will pay with CPG discounted pricing.

The second part of the analysis offers you options on lower-cost products. In the purchasing world this is known as "scrubbing the buy." CPG vendors will examine your current products and suggest alternative products —usually generics or house brands— wherever these additional savings are available. Of course, decisions on whether to switch to these alternatives are entirely up to you.

Together, these two analyses will give you the information you need to decide whether CPG can deliver value for your organization.

Invoices for analysis can be sent to CPG in any of the following ways:

Email | Request a Prepaid FedEx Envelope | Fax or Standard Mail
  1. Scan your selected invoices into a .pdf document
  2. Insert scanned invoices into an email attachment
  3. Send directly to:
    Phil DuBois
    Member Resource Consultant
  4. Please include your organization name and primary contact information for proper follow up.
Fax or Standard Mail
Invoices and cover letter that includes:
  • Organization Name
  • Contact at organization that analysis results should be returned to, including name, title, phone number and e-mail address.
  • Organization’s physical address.
can be faxed to: 617-988-2327 Attn: Scott Halterman

or mailed to:

CommonWealth Purchasing Group
Attn: Scott Halterman
40 Court Street, 10th floor
Boston, MA 02108
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