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Getting Set Up With a Vendor

CPG is committed to making your vendor startup process as easy as possible. When starting with a CPG vendor you have two options.

Contact a CPG Staff Member

Contact a CPG staff member, and we will work to establish and set up the vendor relationship. This allows:
  • CPG and our vendors to work for you. This way you don’t have to take time out of your day to reach the CPG primary contact.
  • CPG to help you get in touch with the correct sales division faster. For example, if you want to enroll with Staples we’re able to contact the representative in your area of the country to reach out to you.
  • CPG to work to integrate different specialists within each vendor’s staff of trained experts. An example of this is if your organization is outfitting a new dental facility, we can make sure that a Henry Schein equipment specialist reaches out to you to assist you with your project.
Contact Primary Vendor Contacts

Directly contact CPG primary vendor contacts within the vendor directory, online vendor splash page, or printed CPG Catalog. This allows:
  • You to begin engaging with CPG vendors when it best suits your schedule.
  • Our members instant access to vendor account management teams in cases of urgency.
CPG and our vendor contacts are well qualified in helping health centers roll over to new contracts under our group purchasing organization. CPG and/or Vendor representatives will meet with you and your staff to discuss all aspects of the business and operational relationship, including ordering, delivery schedules, the availability of samples, return policies, and answering all questions.
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