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1/6/2015 Prepare for the Year Ahead. Conferences, Funding, & More! 

January Newsletter: Issue One

2/4/2015 Recognizing Heart Awareness Month & CPG Members in the News. 

February Newsletter: Issue Two

3/11/2015 Partnering with a GPO: A Guide for Community Health Centers.

March Newsletter: Issue Three

4/14/2015 Celebrating 50 Years of Community Health Centers

April Newsletter: Issue Four

5/29/2015 Demonstrating Health Center Impact

May Newsletter: Issue Five

6/16/2015 Navigating Language Access Requirements for Community Health Centers with Pacific Interpreters

June Newsletter: Issue Six

7/16/2015 Four Reasons Your Health Center Should Provide Interpreter Services

July Newsletter: Issue Seven

8/12/2015 Planning Your NACHC CHI Agenda: Read this First!

August Newsletter: Issue Eight

9/29/15 Introducing New Additions to our Vendor Portfolio!

September Newsletter: Issue Nine

10/26/15 Discounts for Employees and their Families!

October Newsletter: Issue Ten

11/30/15 50 Years of Community Health Centers

November Newsletter: Issue Eleven

12/30/15 2016 CPG Webinar Series

December Newsletter: Issue Twelve

1/29/16 2016 CPG Vendor Catalog

January Newsletter: Issue Thirteen

2/29/16 Track & dispatch in-house interpreters, measure & improve patient satisfaction experience, & more!

February Newsletter: Issue Fourteen

3/31/16 CPG Across the Map, Upcoming Webinars, & more

March Newsletter: Issue Fifteen












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