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Waste Consulting Service for CommonWealth Purchasing Group Members.

The Company

Innovative Cost Solutions LLC is a leading waste consulting company that helps healthcare facilities reduce their Medical Waste as well as their Solid Waste and Recycling costs. We are a waste consulting company not a waste removal company. We don't own any trucks and we don't pick up your waste. We help healthcare facilities utilize their existing waste removal companies more efficiently making sure that they are not spending any more than they have to on all of their waste removal services.

Our Service

There's no up front cost to hire us. Our program is 100% performance based. Once you've hired us we will conduct an in depth audit of your existing operations to identify where you are over spending and losing money on your waste removal services. We'll develop a set of recommendations on how you can reduce your costs and we'll present those recommendations to you for your approval. Once you approve our recommendations we'll handle the entire implementation process making sure that the savings we've promised are actually delivered. We'll then continue to manage your waste removal costs; auditing your invoices each month for accuracy and making sure that your costs stay as low as possible.

Our Value Proposition

If you're tired of constant rate increases and overcharges or you simply think that you're waste removal costs are out of control then our service is definitely for you. There's absolutely nothing to lose by hiring us. We conduct a free audit for you and worst case scenario, we simply confirm for you that you're doing a good job and no further savings can be achieved. However, 90% of all companies are over spending on their waste removal services so chances are you might be one of them.

Our Fee

Since our program is 100% performance based there's absolutely zero risk on your part. There's no up front cost or hidden fees. We only make money if we save you money. In the event that we do save you money, we simply share in the savings that we produce by sharing in the savings with you 60/40 for the length of our agreement.

Time Required

One of the great things about our service is that we require very little time from our clients. In total we probably only require about 1 to 2 hours of your time and that's from start to finish. This includes both our initial introduction as well as the recommendations meeting. We do the majority of the work behind the scenes allowing you to focus your efforts elsewhere.

Our Results

We've saved our clients anywhere from 9% to 74%. The results can clearly vary but on average we save our healthcare clients 35%.

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Let us manage your waste. You manage your business.

Community Health Center - Worcester, MA

  Prior To Working With ICS   After Working With ICS
$2,050.44 (Trash & Recycling)
$2,087.34 (Shredding)
  $1,499.27 (Trash & Recycling)
$1,020.00 (Shredding)
Total Monthly Spend
Total Monthly Spend

Monthly Savings: $1,618.51
Annual Savings: $19,422.12
Percentage Savings: 39%

Summary of Findings: After auditing the equipment and services in place at all locations ICS helped this Community

Health Center right-size their trash and recycling containers. After identifying the proper trash and recycling services for each location ICS negotiated much more competitive pricing for this CHC including the reduction of accessorial fees such as the fuel and environmental surcharges. The shredding services that were already in place worked extremely well. However, the pricing for all of the locations was inconsistent and it was not very competitive. ICS used its market knowledge and successfully negotiated new pricing with the existing shredding company. In the end a 51% cost reduction was achieved on the shredding services. This particular CHC did not have to change any of their vendors to achieve any of the savings identified by ICS. Medical waste expenses were not included in ICS's analysis because this particular CHC had just completed an internal review of these expenses and felt comfortable with their current costs in this area.

Community Health Center -MA

  Prior To Working With ICS   After Working With ICS
$1,596.97 (Trash & Recycling) $5,317.30 (Medical Waste) $270.00 (Shredding)   $1,012.00 (Trash & Recycling) $2,615.35 (Medical Waste) $270.00 (Shredding)
Total Monthly Spend
Total Monthly Spend

Monthly Savings: $3,286.92
Total Monthly Spend Annual Savings: $39,443.04
Percentage Savings: 46%

Summary of Findings: After having undergone major renovations at their main facility ICS was able to help this

Community Health Center determine the proper type of trash compactor to use based on their new space constraints. In the end this particular CHC changed to a new waste hauler that could provide them with the necessary equipment and services. In addition to putting the proper equipment and services into place ICS also negotiated more competitive pricing for this CHC including the removal of all accessorial fees such as the fuel and environmental surcharges. ICS helped this CHC adjust all of the medical waste services at each of their locations eliminating any unnecessary services. After ICS determined the proper medical waste services for each location ICS successfully negotiated much more competitive pricing with the existing medical waste vendor. ICS also determined that this particular CHC had the necessary shredding services in place at each of their locations. In addition, ICS concluded that this CHC had extremely competitive pricing in place for their shredding services and as a result no savings was achieved for this service. In the end an overall savings of 46% was achieved.

Service Benefits

  • 35% average savings for our healthcare clients.
  • If no savings are achieved then no fee is owed.
  • Little to no time required by you. We do all the work.
  • We take your internal efforts to the next level.
  • Win-win situation.
  • Absolutely zero risk on your part.
  • We'll manage your waste removal services so that you don't have to including your Medical Waste and Shredding services.
  • We'll fight off any unjustified rate increases or fees.
  • This is all that we do. We're experts in the waste industry.
  • Our interests are in line with yours.
  • You must approve all recommendations in order for them to be implemented.

As a Member of CommonWealth Purchasing Group you'll receive 10% off of ICS's fee.

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