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In the late 1990’s, health centers were facing many issues which included maintaining good financial health, rising prices, increased demand for services, and tighter budgets. These issues put constant pressure on management and staff to make the best possible use of every dollar.

CommonWealth Purchasing Group was created in 1998 by the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers – the state Primary Care Association in Massachusetts- to address these issues. What started as a local initiative, CPG expanded to all of New England by 2003, and in 2005 membership expanded nationally and CPG was established as a subsidiary limited liability company of the MLCHC.

CommonWealth Purchasing Group was created by experienced health center people. As we have grown, a number of other types of human service providers – primary care associations, community action agencies, VIM free clinics, and others – have joined to take advantage of CPG savings as well.

What started with a few members has grown exponentially to create the premier group purchasing organization that CommonWealth Purchasing Group is today. Presently CPG combines the purchasing power of over 450 member organizations in 35 states to negotiate savings and superior service from a portfolio of more than 50 nationally recognized vendors. From medical, dental, and office supplies, to computers, copiers, and patient communication services, CPG vendors deliver deep discounts and outstanding service.

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